Mobile Pet Grooming Services – Every day from 05.00 AM until 11.00 PM

Our Team


I love meeting new people & animals- all my life I’ve had all kinds of animals-
From fur to feathers to fins! Worked in a pet shop & grooming exotics (birds & bunnies mostly) for 13 years recently adding a dog stylist to the list of services I provide.
My 13+ years involved in animal rescue of all kinds- has taught me compassion, patience & empathy enabling me to work with some very fearful & shy animals that other people won’t work with.
I especially love older pets❤️
I enjoy having something different to do every day & keeping things fresh. And the long-term relationships I’ve developed with my clients over the years are precious 🥰


Erwin is exceptionally passionate about animals. He is trained as a dog bather and specializes in short-haired dogs of all sizes. Any size, any temperament, no dog is too hard for him to bathe.


Juliana had the dream to come to America and pursue her passion for dog grooming. Since being here, she has been exposed to many different methods and ideas through working in other locations in California and attending professional seminars, which she will be happy to share with your pets at Outlet Grooming.


Since she can remember, dogs and cats have always been a part of her life. She grew up with them and couldn’t imagine a world without her canine and feline friends. She takes great pride in her work and is very much a Quality over Quantity type of groomer. Maddy is a believer that there is always something new to learn in the grooming industry and strives to learn new ways to keep your dogs and cats happy and healthy.


Maeodis and Dalinda are a mother and daughter duo who are experienced dog owners with many years of keeping dogs as pets. Maeodis has a background in teaching and has recently graduated from grooming school. She is very good at small dogs and special needs dogs
due to her immense amount of calm patience.


I have found that even the best groomers in the industry are always still learning and educating themselves and I strive to follow that example and push myself to keep improving. I love and cherish every pet I work with. I am honored by the trust my clients have in me with their pets and by the love I receive from the dogs (even the grumpiest ones!) that I groom. This is not just a “job” for me. I love what I do.


Meghan has combined true passion and the artistic “eye,” which drove her to be an exceptional and professional dog groomer. Also, she has mastered the patience in handling challenging and/or nervous dogs with soothing energy to bring some calmness to the grooming experience. As one of our full-time mobile groomers, Meghan takes much pride that she can bring her professional services to the homes of dog owners and provide a higher level of personal care and attention to each client.


Audra has a kind heart and a love of animals that your dogs and cats will feel and attention to detail you will notice. She’s a San Jose local with 3 fur children of her own. With a dog and 2 cats at home… she’s had plenty of practice keeping them calm and clean. She will provide a spa-like experience with soothing music and a gentle touch. Rest assured, your baby will be safe and happy in her capable hands!


In love with dogs and cats my whole life. I worked for over three years in Brazil with bath and grooming and daily care in a shelter with over 40 dogs. Always doing their best and loving them more and more. I’m prepared to spoil your dog like it’s mine and make them beautiful to you.


From retail to pet grooming, Destiney has found the meaning of loving a career. Destiney fell in love with grooming the moment she started! With her gentle and patient approach to handling dogs, she has gained valuable experience working with dogs. Destiney always strives to learn more about her career and be the best groomer for you.


A dynamic duo collectively over ten years in the animal industry. Twice as nice with our quality of care, technique, love, and patience! Knowledge and experience with every breed, age, coat, and style of haircut. Continuing education with up-to-date grooming styles and procedures to accommodate all. It is a labor of love, and we look forward to booking your pup’s next spa day or transformation with us! Welcome to our family!


Jhoana loves to groom and takes pride in making your pet look his best! Her attention to each dog’s individual needs is something really important. When she’s not grooming, Jhoana loves spending time with her baby and her husband, Mauricio!


Hi! My name is Katy and I’ve been a groomer for over a decade! When I was 14 years old at my agricultural high school, I started grooming at my agricultural high school. I’ve fallen even more in love with it daily. I love all dogs from big to tiny! My life basically revolves around dogs from working with them, to hiking with them, to taking care of my own 3 dogs. I can’t wait for you to let me spoil your fur babies.


Maryanne always loved dogs. Maryanne and her husband used to have their own dog daycare place in Brazil, where she could dedicate all her time to her canine babies. Shee can bathe any size and breed, but her heart has a special place for German Spitz and Chihuahuas.


Junior always loved dogs. He left his police officer job in order to have his own dog daycare place in Brazil, where he could dedicate all his time to his canine friends. He can bathe any size and breed, but his heart has a special place for Golden Retrievers, German Spitz, and Chihuahuas.


I am very fortunate to have found my passion so early in life. I love working with pets of all sizes and providing a safe, loving grooming environment. Throughout my 5+ years in this industry, I have prioritized keeping your fur baby relaxed, building trust, and loving the process just as much as I do. After all, they will need haircuts for the rest of their lives, let’s make it a positive experience.